"Hiroshige -- One Hundred Views of Edo -- Woodblock Prints"

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Title "Hiroshige -- One Hundred Views of Edo -- Woodblock Prints"
by Michail Uspensky
Date 1996
(2003 English version Edition)
Series na
Publisher Sirocco (London)
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 9 3/4 x 13 inches x 255 pgs
Impression Hardcover, with multi-color dustjacket
Condition Excellent
(still in original shrink-wrap)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Authoritative reference on Hiroshige’s finest series of 118 prints, “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” issued between 1856-58. Illustrated entirely in color, this outstanding reference shows each of Hiroshige's prints reproduced in nearly full size. Arranged seasonally (as prints of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), each full-page plate is the accompanied with an extensive commentary about each print’s location and history; plus a 12 page Introduction detailing the series.
Item # BG-476
Price $39 (List $55)