Experienced collectors of woodblocks and novices alike all seem to share the same boundless curiosity about the prints which they collect. Without doubt, much of this longing for information stems from the "mysterious nature" of these artworks themselves, as typically the titles, signatures, dates, and other significant information seen written in these prints is indecipherable to the typical non-Japanese collector. However, much of the "collector's value" of one particular print over another "seemingly similar" print often lies in the information held in these "seals."

Accordingly, in the shorter "Quick References" section just below and longer "Articles" section which follows, we hope to take much of the mystery and uncertainty out of this and other areas of woodblock print collecting. We're hopeful that you'll find the following to be both interesting and informative. As avid collectors of Japanese woodblock prints ourselves, we share your quest for knowledge and will continue to do our very best to bring valuable new and interesting information to this Ukiyoe-Gallery site.

Quick References

Listed just below are a series of short, quick "Quick References" that we've written which explain the variations, meanings, and significance of many of the Publisher's "seals" and other "margin writings" that are typically seen in Japanese woodblock prints.


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Articles (written by Dr. Andreas Grund and Thomas Crossland)

Here, we list a continuing series of longer "Articles" that we've written which explain in more depth and and give greater details than in the shorter "Quick References" listed above. Still additional articles can be found at the "Links" sites referenced further below.


NEW -- Book Recommendations

Linked just below are a growing list of MONTHLY "Book of the Month" Recommendations that we've written which will hopefully be of value to the woodblock print collector. As indicated, we've divided our book recommendations into two sections--the First Section being devoted strictly to books recommended for "Japanese Woodblock Print Collectors," while the Second Section contains books of a more general nature about Japan which we've termed simply "General Interest Japan."


New "Tid-Bits for 2004" and other "Miscellania"

Finally, below are a series of random "tid bits" and other "miscellania" that we've found interesting and wanted to share with our readers. These little "gems" about Japanese woodblock prints will be posted on a continuing basis as they come to our attention. And here, YOU can help out: If you happen to run across anything "new" or what you believe might also be of interest to others, why don't you "flick it" this way and perhaps we'll offer it up to our growing list of viewers.

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Some of our favorite "Links" include:

Shotei Website Marc Kahn's really amazing "all you ever wanted to know about Shotei" website.

Koitsu Website Dr. Ross Walker's comprehensive Koitsu website -- Koitsu's complete works, research articles, more.

Ohmi Gallery Dr. Ross Walker's Private Ukiyo-e Collection -- Detailed information about artists represented.

David Bull's Woodblock Printmaking Website A wealth of detailed information about "how" woodblock prints are created.

John Fiorillo's Viewing Japanese Prints Website An extensive collection of scholarly articles relating to Japanese woodblocks.

Artelino Website German website with good biographical information on individual artists.

ShinHanga Users Group A good source of technical "shin hanga" information.

Hanga Gallery An excellent source of various "shin hanga" artist's lifetime works via thumbnails.

Artelino (in German) Deutschsprachige Website mit vielen interessanten Beitraegen ueber japanische Kunst und Kuenstler.

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