Ordering, Payment, and Shipping

First, Our Guarantee....

All woodblock prints purchased from Ukiyoe Gallery are guaranteed to be genuine--and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Simply put: If you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, it may be returned within 7 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping costs (a very few exceptions apply, see "Terms" link below).

To learn more, please carefully read our Terms which apply to all purchases.

As for our service: Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.

Ordering (by Email or Telephone)

All prints are subject to prior sale; as many prints are unique and are thusly one-of-a kind. We will promptly confirm availability of prints, with all specific requests and inquiries processed in the order in which they are received. Prints can thusly be "held" on a short term basis (denoted "pending") during which time you can examine additional images and receive a detailed "Condition Report" on a given print of interest, if desired.

Orders may be place by email to Ukiyoe Gallery (tcrossland@comcast.net) or by telephone at (503) 362-8362 and again, will be honored in the order received.

When ordering, please reference specific prints of interest by: Artist, and Title, and Item #.

Payment Methods

Payment is preferred in the form of a "United States Postal Money Order" (easily obtained at ANY Post Office), a "bank check," or "cashier's check" -- all of which will receive IMMEDIATE shipment.

Personal checks are also certainly welcome, however we do reserve the right to delay shipment until the funds have cleared our bank (in many cases, prints will be shipped immediately to persons known to us).

At this time, we are accepting VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX payments only via PayPal. Please email us for payment instructions or "PayPal Invoicing" details.

Payments by "money order" or personal check should be made payable to Thomas A. Crossland, then sent to:

Thomas A. Crossland
c/o Ukiyoe Gallery
5826 Westlake Loop N.
Keizer, OR 97303

International payments are easily facilitated using PayPal, or can be done by a direct bank-to-bank "wire transfer" of funds (contact us for details). All prices and payments are in U.S. dollars and checks must be drawn on U.S. banks only.

Our Convenient "Layaway Plan"

We also offer a convenient "Layaway Plan" for those customers who prefer the option of paying for a print over a three-month (or in some cases longer) period of time. Prints purchased by this method will remain on display in the Gallery with the notation "Reserved" during this period. Please note however, that a 15% "penalty" will be imposed on any such layaway purchases which are defaulted upon or subsequently returned, due to the "opportunity lost" by having such prints off-the-market for 90-plus days. Contact us for details.


We use US Postal Services's "Priority Mail" or "Registered Mail" exclusively for most of our shipments, with all purchases being fully insured by us. Prints are shipped rigidly/flat, with most prints first safely enclosed inside a rigid "plastic sleeve" which is then very securely encased between multiple outer layers of cardboard. We thusly strive very hard to ensure the safe delivery of your purchase. (To date, we have shipped well over 4,000 prints by this method, with only two having been damaged, and none lost. Other seller's with which we've spoken are often envious of this shipping record, so we're clearly doing something right.)

Optional Expedited United Parcel Service "Next Day Air" or "Second Day Air" Available

By special request -- also available (at optional higher cost) is expedited "Next Day Air" or "Second Day Air " shipping by United Parcel Service (think UPS "brown truck"). Cost is typically $45 to $60. Inquire if interested.

In all cases, a daytime shipping address should be provided which is to an address where someone will be present to receive (as "Signature Required") the package. International shipping addresses should also contain a daytime telephone number (if needed for delivery).

Domestic (USA) shipping/insurance/handling charges are very reasonable:

Shipping cost Order amount
$15 under $300
$20 $300 - $599
$25 $600 - $999
$30 $1,000 - above

International orders (non-USA) are most welcome. About 30-percent of our sales are to overseas customers, with these international orders usually shipped via US Postal Services's "Express Mail International" (about 5 days). Cost is typically $35 to $45 (but small prints often only $15-20). Also available (higher cost option) is "Worldwide Express" shipping by United Parcel Service (think UPS "brown truck"). Cost via UPS is typically $95 to $135. Inquire.

For international (non-USA) shipping charges, please contact Ukiyoe-Gallery for a firm cost quote.

Questions about ordering?? Please email to Ukiyoe Gallery for a quick reply, or telephone us at (503) 362-8362.

[PLEASE NOTE: "Print identification" is NOT a service that we provide. Being asked to identify, translate, and place an estimated value on prints owned by others could easily involve several hours of our time each day. Unfortunately--We have neither the time nor resources to reply to such requests.]

Not sure what time it is??..... Just above is the CURRENT TIME at Ukiyoe-Gallery.com's westcoast USA (Keizer, OR) office.
(Please--Consider the time before you call.)

(c) Thomas Crossland and Dr. Andreas Grund, 2001-2017

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